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ORANGE CRUSH - Hand Tied Composition

In our signature FLOWER PEOPLE style, this hand tied bouquet is designed using the freshest available eco-certified or sustainably sourced blooms available (we never use fillers, just flowers).  Choose your colour tone and we will create a beautiful and uncommon arrangement, wrapped in our recyclable kraft paper  & finished with a reycled silk ribbon


We are conscious and thoughtful about our environmental footprint.


All our flowers are made to order.


Approx size

20-25cm (Standard $900)

30cm+ (Alluring $1200)  

40+cm (Luxurious $1600)


Vase is certified recycled glass, made in Poland


Flower care: As soon as you receive your blooms, carefully unwrap and recycle the paper packaging,  cut 2 - 3cm from the bottom of the stems in a 45* angle.  Place your flowers in cool, clean water (make sure no foliage falls under the water line).  To keep your blooms fresh, change water every other day. Your flowers are perishable and should last between 2 - 7 days depending on the variety, climate and care.  Remove any wilted stems and recut if necessary.

ORANGE CRUSH - Hand Tied Composition

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