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We are not your average floral gift company

Considering our Mother Earth, we make thoughtful choices in our business practice.

We select eco-certified, sustainably grown or locally sourced flowers when possible.  

We partner with companies that share our vision and offset freight emissions by

                  contributing to                         and we offer support to our community.                    

We deliver single variety blooms of the freshest and most stunning

flowers available as well as enchanting mixed bouquets and

thoughtful gift boxes.


Our bouquet designs are uncommon and unexpected,

highlighting the natural beauty of each stem, in 

THE FLOWER PEOPLE's signature style.


Our gift selections have been curated to support & encourage

the best of Hong Kong based small businesses.  


Using recyclable Kraft paper and Eco Wraps for our bouquets, our tissue paper

is supplied by no issue, who are part of the eco alliance.  

We have recycled and biodegradable materials for our gift boxes and strive

to keep improving our choices as we grow our business.

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recyclable kraft paper

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