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As soon as you receive your blooms, carefully unwrap and recycle the paper packaging,  cut 2-3cm from the bottom of the stems in a 45* angle.


The recycled silk ribbon has many uses, hairband, accent on handbag strap, wrist decoration or just reuse to wrap another gift. 


THE FLOWER PEOPLE have expertly processed, hydrated and conditioned the flowers and stems ready for enjoyment.

Place your flowers in cool, clean water (make sure no foliage falls under the water line. If you flowers arrived in a vase, and you don't want to change the composition, grab all the stems with one hand, cut bottom of stems 2-3cm and place back in cool clean water.

Keep out of direct sunlight and in a cool room, away from fruits - which produce ethylene and are not good for flowers.

To keep your blooms fresh, change water every other day.  Or everyday for extra happy stems.


Your flowers are perishable and should last between 2-7 days depending on the variety, climate and care.


 Remove any wilted stems and recut if necessary.  

TIP:  Single Variety Flowers last longer in the same vase then mixed varieties.

Place your Kokedama ball in a well lit but out of direct sunlight location.  

The moss ball should feel lightly moist but not too wet, you want to avoid mould so make sure it is not stagnating.  It should be in a well ventilated area for airflow.

Watering your Kokedama plant:

Most kokedama appreciate a good misting every 3-6 days, in addition to soaking (see below). Use a spray bottle that casts a fine mist and spray on and around plant foliage and moss.


Soaking once every 10-14 days: 

Fill a bowl or bucket  with room temperature water.

Place your kokedama in the water, orchid side up and let is sit until it begins to absorb water. Allow to soak for 10-20 minutes, or until fully saturated.  

Remove kokedama from the water, and gently squeeze the moss ball to allow excess water to drain, we have added stones in the bottom for balance, so be very gentle. Allow kokedama to drip dry in a colander before replacing it on the ceramic stand.

Your plant should be very happy with the care you give and bring you joy for 3 - 9 weeks or longer.


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