TROPIC THUNDER - Hand Tied Composition

Our newest offering is HUGE,  featuring longlasting and tropical blooms such as cymbidium, bird of paradise, phalenopsisi and unusual tropical leaves, mixed with bright columbian and ecudorian roses.  This is a showstopper, loved by all.   Size shown is standard, feel free to upgrade for maximum impact, flowers and foliage will be seasonal and varied, photo for mood reference only.



Alluring  35cm ($1,000)  

Luxurious 45cm+ ($1,400)

Extravagant 50cm+ ( $1,800)


Vase is certified recycled glass, made in Poland


Flower care: As soon as you receive your blooms, carefully unwrap and recycle the paper packaging,  cut 2 -3 cm from the bottom of the stems in a 45* angle. Place your flowers in cool, clean water (make sure no foliage falls under the water line. To keep your blooms fresh, change water every other day. Your flowers are perishable and should last between 5 - 10 days depending on the variety, climate and care.  Remove any wilted stems and recut  if necessary.


TROPIC THUNDER - Hand Tied Composition

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