LONG STEM ROSE in Vintage Mauve

This rose is so so very pretty, but in a cool way,  she has antiqued outer petals which can be pulled off, but we like to leave themon.  We have brought her in from Columbia from an eco-certified farm,  adds understated life to your room.  A treat for yourself or someone special.


Image shows 10 stems


Vase is certified recycled glass, made in Poland


Flower care: As soon as you receive your blooms, carefully unwrap and recycle the paper packaging,  cut 2-3cm from the bottom of the stems in a 45* angle. Place your flowers in cool, clean water (make sure no foliage falls under the water line. To keep your blooms fresh, change water every other day. Your flowers are perishable and should last between 2-7 days depending on the variety, climate and care.  Remove any wilted stems and recut stems if necessary.

LONG STEM ROSE in Vintage Mauve

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Recycled Glass Vase
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